It’s hard to believe that Oasis is already 2 years old! With Oasis 3.0 on the horizon, we’re preparing for some incredible changes to how our organization functions.

Today, we use an “all-or-nothing” approach for approving or denying PIREPs. The issue with this method is flights are tossed out entirely due to a single point of failure. It’s frustrating to complete an 8-hour CTP flight, have a bad landing, and forfeit any progress towards the next rank upgrade. We’ve re-imagined how we process PIREPS and beginning with Oasis 3.0, PIREPs will no longer be “approved” or “denied”. Instead, they will receive “XP” based on the quality of the flight through the use of “modifiers”. We’ve identified over 65 aspects of a flight to either add or subtract XP generating a final “XP Total”. This XP will be applied to your cumulative account total. With this change, ranks will be determined by the number of XP.

Of course, this means it is entirely possible to receive negative points on a PIREP resulting in a net reduction in your cumulative point total, potentially causing rank downgrades. We’ll be adding an overhauled rank structure with even more ranks and benefits for each.

How will XP be calculated?

Everyone earns the same “Base XP” for every flight completed, along with a “Rank Modifier”. Over 65 aspects of the PIREP are analyzed adding/subtracting points from the Base XP finally arriving at an “XP Total”. The benefit of this is an otherwise perfect long-haul with a few over-speeds, will still earn XP towards rank upgrades.

Will I lose my current rank as a result of this change?

No, during this rollout, existing members will receive a one-time XP credit equal to their rank minimum plus a buffer.

What happens to the “ApproveMyFlight” passes I purchased?

AMF passes will be deprecated and converted into “BoosterPass” which adds points to your PIREP’s XP Total.

What modifiers will be applied?

These are just a few of the PIREP modifiers possible:

  • Landing Rates
  • Early/Late arrivals
  • Exceeding Airframe Tolerances
  • Destination Premiums
  • Duration Premiums
  • Difficult Approach Premiums
  • FOB on Arrival
  • Refueling after pushback
  • SimRate/Slew Penalties
  • Monthly/Event Premiums
  • Severe Weather Reposition Premiums

In addition to earning/losing XP via PIREPS, XP can be earned or lost in other ways such as the following few:

  • Linking your Discord Account
  • Letting your account become inactive
  • Competitions/Contests
  • Random “Just-Because” awards

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