What an amazing year we have had at AAvirtual! From the very beginning, we have seen more engagement from our membership than ever before. Our Leadership Team has enjoyed every minute of building, sharing and helping our community. As we approach the halfway mark of the final quarter of 2020, it is time that we begin evaluating our goals for next year. The largest portion of data that we analyze comes directly from our membership’s feedback. Without hesitation and with great enthusiasm, I am excited to announce that our 2020 Membership Survey is now live!

Accessing the 2020 Membership Survey

  1. Navigate to https://ioc.aavirtual.net/pulse
  2. Click on the “Ready? Let’s Go!” Button
  3. You will be directed to the survey. Required questions are marked with a red asterisk. 

We ask that you provide honest feedback, as the information we receive from this survey will directly affect the AAvirtual experience next year. As a thank you for providing us with this critical feedback, each member that completes the survey will receive 5 OA trip passes.


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