It is no secret that we strive for inclusiveness and equality for the members of our community. We believe in a world where acceptance is not tolerance, one where our political leaders come together, reach common ground, and force real, pivotal change.

George Floyd’s murder reminds us of the deeply embedded, long-standing divisions in our society. It comes at a time when the pandemic has compounded the spread of misinformation, racial stereotyping, and fear. We continue to live in a world that is supposedly “great” despite the systemic racism, discrimination, and bigotry. We have made momentous progress, but we have a long road ahead.

The acts of violence, discrimination, and pure hatred towards minority groups such as African Americans, identifiers of LGBTQ+, and those of foreign descent must stop before we lose more innocent lives.

We are committed to denouncing injustice and discrimination and reiterating our obligation to live by our values and foster a community that makes equality, diversity, and openness priorities—a community that sets an example for the rest of our trade and the world.

Tanner Price
Chief Executive Officer
AAV Group, Inc.


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