We hope everyone has been staying safe and staying home. The team has been hard at work on “Project Kodiak”, the internal name for our new ACARS system. This first look into Kodiak will be one of many to come.


Kodiak is an internal project name used during development. We will be hosting a final vote soon that will determine the permanent name.

Beta Program

As with the Oasis launch, we will be accepting applications into the beta program over the next few weeks. The beta program will consist of several stages of testing, with each one consisting of additional testers. We are expecting the beta program to start later this summer. If you are a member and interested, signup now at https://beta.aavirtual.net

Feature List

For the first time, we are releasing an initial feature list. Keep in mind, this is not a complete list of new features and is subject to change.

  • Real-time communication and flight tracking through IOC with updates up to 65 times/second.
  • Remote features via IOC such as pausing, viewing a screenshot of your simulator, and disconnecting from VATSIM, even via a smartphone.
  • Integrated map with real-time views of other member’s flights.
  • Stream FlightLevelRadio right through the ACARS.
  • Never worry about forgetting to start your flight again with an automatic start on pushback.
  • Dark/light UI to match your IOC preferences.
  • Integrated messaging with other members.
  • Deep integration with SimBrief for automatic FPL downloads and loading.

We have so much more to share once we get closer to Beta. Stay tuned!


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