CHULA VISTA – AAvirtual leadership announced Tuesday May 5th, 2020 that a restructuring schedule was being developed to encourage continued success within the organization. Following the previous restructurings, the organization has determined that the need for high amount of staff is unneeded and would not require our current staffing until our organizations size increases in the next several years.

In response to the review of the current status of staffing, the AAvirtual leadership has taken decisive action to reduce the amount of chief pilot positions in order to simplify communication and increase the amount of activity coming from their pilots. AAvirtual will continue to explore alternate positions when expansion is required.

Our vision is most important, but our path must change

AAvirtual’s vision has always stood for enjoyment and diversity for their member. AAvirtual’s continued success has always been driven by it’s members and their feedback. Over the past month AAvirtual has brought several new staff members to the team which has brought diversity and increase in activity. One highlight is their Boston/Philadelphia Crossfire event which was a huge success for their bases and members. As AAvirtual continues to drive towards excellence for it’s pilots the main topic of discussion upon leadership is to simplify their bases into regions.

Brandon Hanley, Senior Vice President of Experience stated “Our members come to our community with one goal, and that goal is to be able to fly freely and socialize with our members. We at AAvirtual are encouraging inclusiveness by restructuring the bases into several regions which will be managed by selected chief pilots.”. While this does mean elimination of several positions, the leadership promises transparency to its current staff. AAvirtual will soon announce the specific region specifications in a upcoming press conference.



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